Rita Compatangelo-Soussignan

Professor of Roman History, Université Le Mans


Rita Compatangelo-Soussignan is Professor of Roman History at Le Mans University (FR). Since 2017 she has been the Deputy Director of the Centre for Research in Archaeology, Archaeometry, History, involving the CNRS, the Ministry of Culture and the Universities of Rennes, Nantes, Le Mans. In the framework of various international programmes, her multidisciplinary research focuses on ancient landscapes, geography and science. She is the author or the scientific editor of several books including Landmarks and Socio-Economic Systems (2008) and L’expérience de la catastrophe (2019).


Living with Seismic Phenomena in the Mediterranean and Beyond between Antiquity and the Middle Ages

ed. Rita Compatangelo-Soussignan

The first two sections of this book explore different ways of understanding seismic phenomena and present strategies for post-disaster management. Later sections present palaeoseimological and archaeological data (for the most part previously unpublished) on various sites in the Italian peninsula and the wider Mediterranean world and its frontiers. READ MORE

Paperback: £64.00 | Open Access