Renato Sebastiani

Archaeologist, Ministry of Culture in Rome

Renato Sebastiani is an archaeologist at the Ministry of Culture in Rome, Italy. He studied Prehistory at The Sapienza University in Rome and gained a Masters in geoarchaeology. Then he specialized in Roman warehousing, logistics and harbour areas, especially in the main district of Rome, Ostia and Portus. He is director of the Rione Testaccio area and museum and Trastevere in Rome; he was director of Portus archaeological area and supervised the re-opening of the Museo delle navi in Fiumicino (RM) where he is scientific officer.


Da Roma a Gades/De Roma a Gades

ed. Renato Sebastiani

This volume, dedicated to the illustrious archaeologist Simon Keay. collects the scientific results of an international workshop held in Rome (2019), which discussed the management, elimination and reuse of artisanal and commercial waste in maritime and river ports, focussing on the Roman cities of Rome and Gades (modern day Cádiz). READ MORE

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