Rachel Milstein

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Rachel Milstein studied Islamic art and culture at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where, until her retirement, she taught Islamic art. Her research focuses on illustrative painting, mainly in Persian manuscripts, and her principal publications concentrate on religious iconography (Miniature Painting in Ottoman Baghdad, Costa Mesa, 1990, and La Bible dans l’art islamique, 2005).


Picturing Royal Charisma: Kings and Rulers in the Near East from 3000 BCE to 1700 CE

ed. Rachel Milstein

This book assesses how Middle Eastern leaders manipulated visuals to advance their rule from around 4500 BC to the 19th century AD. In nine fascinating narratives, it showcases the dynamics of long-lasting Middle Eastern traditions, dealing with the visualization of those who stood at the head of the social order. READ MORE

Paperback: £32.00 | Open Access