Pierre Le Roux

Professeur des universités, Institut d’ethnologie, faculté des sciences sociales, université de Strasbourg



Le Banquet cérémoniel entre archéologie et ethnologie

ed. Pierre Le Roux

While the practice of the banquet or ceremonial feast has been recognized in many societies around the world, living, ancient or extinct, it had not yet been the subject of a large-scale synthesis. This book offers an interdisciplinary study of the festive banquet in relation to the cosmogonies and social practices of the social spaces concerned. READ MORE

Paperback: £60.00 | eBook Institution: £9.99 | Open Access

Mégalithismes vivants et passés: approches croisées

ed. Pierre Le Roux

This volume seeks, through both case studies and more synthetic works, to discuss how the patterns drawn from the observation of 'living' megalithic societies have been used to try and shed light on the functioning of European Neolithic societies. READ MORE

Paperback: £50.00 | eBook: £16.00