Peter Davey

Peter Davey is an archaeologist with a special interest in the medieval and early modern periods in north-western Europe and a 40-year involvement with the Isle of Man. As Director of the multi-disciplinary Centre for Manx Studies between 1992 and 2007 he led the excavation team at Rushen Abbey from 1998 to his retirement. He obtained his PhD from the University of Liverpool in 1990.


Rushen Abbey, Isle of Man

Peter Davey

Rushen Abbey was a Cistercian monastery founded in 1134 and suppressed in 1540. It was the most important religious institution on the Isle of Man wielding significant secular power as well as ecclesiastical authority. This book aims to provide a synthesis of all the available evidence for Rushen Abbey under one cover. READ MORE

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The Chambered Tombs of the Isle of Man

ed. Peter Davey

This is the first book ever devoted to the chambered tombs of the Isle of Man and, though there are no more than nine surviving monuments, they are of considerable interest and importance because of the central location of the island in the north Irish Sea where cultural influences and traditions of tomb building are mixed. READ MORE

Paperback: £30.00 | eBook: £16.00