Monika Brenišínová

Monika Brenišínová is a staff member of the Center for Ibero-American Studies of Charles University. She specializes in the history of Latin America art, conquest and colonization of the Americas, Native cultures and their evangelization. She is the author of various articles and chapters, the co-author of the monograph entitled Dějiny umění Latinské Ameriky [History of Art of Latin America], 2018 and the co-editor of the monograph Nuevos mundos: América y la utopía entre espacio y tiempo, 2021. She is currently the principal investigator of the project Hidden History: Representation of Women in the Era of Conquest and Colonization of the New World, 2022-2024.


(Trans)missions: Monasteries as Sites of Cultural Transfers

Monika Brenišínová

This volume focuses on the Catholic tradition of consecrated life (vita religiosa) from the High Middle Ages to the present. It gathers papers by authors from various disciplinary backgrounds, in particular art history, history, anthropology and translation studies. READ MORE

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