Mikkel Bøg Clemmensen

Doctoral Fellow, University of Copenhagen


Mikkel Bøg Clemmensen is a doctoral fellow at the Institute for Cross-cultural and Regional Studies at the University of Copenhagen. He has a BA in the Science of Religion and an MA in American Indian Languages and Cultures; his field of study is religion and art in Colonial Mexico. Mikkel has previously published articles on colonial church art. He is currently finishing his dissertation on the continuity of the Central Mexican calendar systems during the Colonial era.


Western Mesoamerican Calendars and Writing Systems

ed. Mikkel Bøg Clemmensen

Mesoamerica is one of the few places to witness the independent invention of writing. Bringing together new research, papers discuss the writing systems of Teotihuacan, Mixteca Baja, the Epiclassic period and Aztec writing of the Postclassic. These writing systems represent more than a millennium of written records and literacy in Mesoamerica. READ MORE

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