Michael J Curtis

Michael J. Curtis is a professional landscape and coastal archaeologist and a Tutor in Archaeology and Ancient History for Northamptonshire Adult Learning Service. He holds a BA in Archaeology from the University of Southampton and an MA in Archaeology from the University of Nottingham. He is an Honorary Fellow in the School of Archaeology and Ancient History at the University of Leicester, where he is studying the Roman Imperial Ports and Harbours of Crete. He is the lead member in a Greek-led project researching and surveying the Roman harbour at Ierapetra, in eastern Crete, and within the UK is currently engaged in research into the Catuvellauni, a late Iron Age and Roman tribe in south-eastern Britain.


Change and Transition on Crete: Interpreting the Evidence from the Hellenistic through to the Early Byzantine Period

ed. Michael J Curtis

The theme of this volume, presented in honour of G.W.M. Harrison, whose academic contributions have enriched our perspective of Roman Crete, is change and transition, a topic that challenges some of the earlier approaches to Hellenistic and Roman Crete, and which presents a different perspective on historical events and archaeological evidence. READ MORE

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