Maureen Carroll

Professor of Roman Archaeology, University of York

Maureen Carroll completed her tertiary education with a PhD in Classical Archaeology from Indiana University (USA) and the Freie Universität (Berlin). After working for the state archaeological services in Germany and teaching at the University of Cologne, she was Professor of Roman Archaeology at the University of Sheffield. Since 2020, she holds the Chair in Roman Archaeology at the University of York where she directs the MA in Roman Archaeology. She has been visiting professor at the Universität Basel, the Université de Fribourg, the Humboldt Universität, McMaster University, and the University of Calgary.


The Making of a Roman Imperial Estate: Archaeology in the Vicus at Vagnari, Puglia

ed. Maureen Carroll

Excavation reports and analysis of material remains from Vagnari, southeast Italy, facilitate a detailed phasing of a rural settlement, both in the late Republican period, when it was established on land leased from the Roman state, and later when it became the hub (vicus) of a vast agricultural estate owned by the emperor himself. READ MORE

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