Maria Nicoli

Maria Nicoli graduated at the University of Ferrara (Italy) with a Degree in Science and Technology for Environment, Nature and Cultural Heritage and a Master Degree in Quaternary, Prehistory and Archaeology, joint with the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar (Portugal). Her PhD research concerned the use of digital technologies for the communication and fruition of museum heritage. Over the academic studies she focused on conservation issues and archaeometric investigations related to cultural heritage, with a special interest for prehistoric rock art. She participated in various studies concerning rock art pigments in Italy, Spain and Wales. She is currently a scholarship holder at the University of Ferrara, working on the development and improvement of analytical protocols for the study and characterisation of cultural materials, as well as for the assessment of alteration processes and products, which may occur over historical artefacts and put them at risk.


Las manifestaciones gráficas prehistóricas en el dolmen de Soto (Trigueros, Huelva)

Maria Nicoli

Engraved and painted images upon the upright stones of the Dolmen de Soto were investigated and recorded by a team of international scientists using a variety of photogrammetric methods in 2016-7. This book tells the fascinating story of the archaeological and historical context of the site and presents the stunning results the project yielded. READ MORE

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