Luca Cherstich

Luca Cherstich is a professional field archaeologist. He holds a doctorate in Classical Archaeology from the University of Oxford, and has been a member of the archaeological mission of the University of Chieti‑Pescara in Libya since 1999. He has taken part in numerous archaeological surveys and excavations in Libya, Italy, and Cyprus, gaining experience in both academic and commercial archaeology. He is currently a temporary lecturer in the Archaeology of the Greek Colonies and Pre‑Roman Italy at the University of Chieti.


The Southern Necropolis of Cyrene

Luca Cherstich

This book analyzes ancient tombs in Eastern Libya, from the Archaic phase to Late Roman times. Despite plundering, these ornate structures reveal funerary competition, spatial organization, and lost rituals. The book reconstructs the social history of ancient Cyreneans through their ostentatious funerary culture. READ MORE

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