Linda Boutoille

Research Fellow, Queen's University, Belfast

ORCID 0000-0002-7131-8505

Linda Boutoille has a PhD in archaeology from the Université de Bourgogne and is currently Research Fellow based at Queen’s University. She has held a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship, a Royal Irish Academy Research Grant, a British Academy Research Grant and more recently a Gerda Henkel Research Grant. Her main research interests lie with both the technological and organisational aspects of prehistoric craft activities, and of Bronze Age metalwork production in particular.


Metalworkers and their Tools: Symbolism, Function, and Technology in the Bronze and Iron Ages

ed. Linda Boutoille

12 papers by 22 authors from the “Metools” symposium (Queens University, Belfast, 2016), aim to shine a spotlight on the tools of the metalworker and to follow their evolution from the beginning of the Bronze Age through to the Iron Age, as well as the place held by metalworking and its artisans in the economic and social landscape of the period. READ MORE

Paperback: £38.00 | Open Access

Stone in Metal Ages

ed. Linda Boutoille

Papers from Session XXXIV-6 of the XVIII UISPP World Congress 2018 were divided into two parts, the first dealing with lithic technology, use-wear analyses and the relation between the decline of stone and the development of metallurgy while the second focused on stone tools used for metallurgy. This publication combines these two parts. READ MORE

Paperback: £32.00 | Open Access