Laura Soro

Research Fellow, Università degli Studi di Cagliari

Laura Soro graduated from the University of Cagliari (2010), where she obtained a Diploma of Specialisation in Archaeological Heritage (2014) and a PhD in History, Cultural Heritage and International Studies (2018). She is currently a research fellow at the Department of History, Cultural Heritage and Territory of the University of Cagliari. Her research focuses on the study of Late Antique and early medieval ceramics, in particular amphorae production, as well as aspects related to the underwater archaeology of south-western Sardinia in Late Antiquity and the High Middle Ages.


Traffici commerciali e approdi portuali nella Sardegna meridionale

Laura Soro

A study of trade flows on the southern coast of Sardinia in Late Antiquity through underwater finds, amphorae analysis and hypothetical docking points. Recent underwater surveys have highlighted multiple examples of possible cargoes from wrecks, especially of heterogeneous types, as in Cagliari, Nora (Pula) and in the sea around Sulcis. READ MORE

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