Konstantinos P. Trimmis

Lecturer in Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Bristol

Konstantinos P. Trimmis is Lecturer in Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Bristol. He is interested in landscape archaeology methods for the study of human societies past and present, and has conducted archaeological fieldwork in Greece, Croatia, and the UK. He was the geomatics specialist for the Berkeley Castle Project between 2018 and 2019 and is currently managing the curation and archiving of BCP data.


Berkeley Castle Tales

ed. Konstantinos P. Trimmis

Presents results of 15-year-long excavations and landscape research at Berkeley Castle. Combining archaeological results with information from the castle's 20,000 historical documents, the project adds greatly to our understanding of the changes that accompanied the arrival of the Normans, with the erection of a castle on the former minster site. READ MORE

Paperback: £38.00 | Open Access