José Ángel Castillo Lozano

José Ángel Castillo Lozano completed his Doctorate in History at the Universidad de Murcia. He is currently a High School teacher. His area of specialisation lies in the world of Late Antiquity, on which he has published around fifteen papers. He has also recently published a monograph on the figure of the tyrant in the Catholic literary tradition of the Visigothic kingdom of Toledo. He is also a member of the 'Antiquity and Christianity' research group ('Grupo de Investigación UMU E041-04') and has actively participated in the research projects of the archaeological excavation in the Visigothic city of Begastri (Cehegín, Murcia) and the Martyrium de la Alberca (Murcia).


Discurso, espacio y poder en las religions antiguas

ed. José Ángel Castillo Lozano

14 papers reflect on how the wielders of power, be they religious, social or political, shape the discourses that justify their power within the framework of a society or a specific group, and how space participates in these discourses. Studies consider evidence from epigraphy, the archaeological record, and literary sources. READ MORE

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