John McNabb

John McNabb is Senior Lecturer in Palaeolithic Archaeology at the University of Southampton. He has undertaken Palaeolithic fieldwork in the UK, Greece, South Africa and Tanzania. His research interests explore the meaning of stone tool variability in the African and European Palaeolithic, and what that might mean for social and cognitive evolution. He has researched the history of human origins research, in particular as it was reflected in Victorian and Edwardian fiction.


Landscapes of Human Evolution

ed. John McNabb

Fourteen papers are presented here in honour of John Gowlett. John has a wide range of research interests primarily focused on the human genus Homo and is a world leader in understanding the cognitive and behavioural preconditions necessary for the emergence of complex behaviours such as language and art. READ MORE

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Dissent with Modification: Human Origins, Palaeolithic Archaeology and Evolutionary Anthropology in Britain 1859–1901

John McNabb

The major themes of this study include: the development of Palaeolithic archaeology, its relationship with the study of human physical anthropology in Britain and, to a lesser extent, on the Continent; links between these and the study of race and racial origins; links with geological developments in climate and glacial studies. READ MORE

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