Igor Borzić

Igor Borzić is Associate professor at the Department of Archaeology, University of Zadar, Croatia. His main research interests are focused on two big themes: the transition from the Iron Age to the Classical world in the Dalmatian area, and Hellenistic/Roman pottery. Currently he is a member of several excavation teams and a leader of a national scientific project investigating continuity of life on the island of Korčula.


TRADE: Transformations of Adriatic Europe (2nd–9th Centuries AD)

ed. Igor Borzić

Spanning the period between the 2nd and 9th centuries, this volume collects 45 papers dealing with the Adriatic area that aim to create a new dataset for the historical reconstruction of processes related to forms of settlement, aspects of production, and trade and the movement of pottery and other craft products between its two coasts. READ MORE

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