Idoia Grau Sologestoa

Idoia Grau Sologestoa is currently a post-doctoral researcher at the Integrative Prehistory and Archaeological Science (IPAS/IPNA) of the University of Basel. Previously, she worked at the universities of Sheffield, Nottingham and the Basque Country. Her main research interest is human and animal relationships in historical periods, from Roman to Contemporary times. She has worked on a variety of topics such as animal husbandry, social differentiation through diet, biometry, data analysis, or taphonomy. Some of her recent works include 'The 'long’ sixteenth century: a key period of animal husbandry change in England' (Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 2019), 'Pots, chicken and building deposits: the archaeology of folk and official religion during the High Middle Ages in the Basque Country' (Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 2018), and 'Socio-economic status and religious identity in medieval Iberia: the zooarchaeological evidence' (Environmental Archaeology 2018). She is currently editing a book on innovations in the rural world during the Early Modern Era.


Arqueología de la Edad Moderna en el País Vasco y su entorno

ed. Idoia Grau Sologestoa

This book aims to provide a summary of the current archaeological framework for investigations of the Modern Age in the Basque Country, and to make proposals for developing these practices in the future. READ MORE

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