Hadrian Cook

Independent Researcher

Hadrian Cook started out as a geologist and soil scientist, and now teaches and writes on landscape-based subjects including environmental policy and history. He has served on the full-time academic staff of the University of London, at Wye and Imperial Colleges, and on the staff of Kingston University London, and has worked as an independent environmental consultant specialising in river catchment management. Hadrian currently works in adult and community education and is on the committee of the Society for Landscape Studies. As Trustee for the Harnham Water Meadows Trust, Salisbury, he works as the ‘drowner’ of these famous water meadows.


Wessex: A Landscape History

Hadrian Cook

Wessex is famous for its coasts, heaths, woodlands, chalk downland, limestone hills and gorges, settlements and farmed vales. This book provides an account of the physical form, development and operation of its landscape as it was shaped by our ancestors. Major themes include the development of agriculture, settlements, industry and transport. READ MORE

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