Fraser Hunter

Fraser Hunter is Principal Curator of Iron Age and Roman collections at National Museums Scotland, where the finds from Trimontium form the backbone of the Roman collection. He co-edited a volume to mark the centenary of Curle’s landmark publication of the site. His research interests include the impact of the Roman frontier on the local populations of Iron Age Scotland, and Iron Age and Roman material culture.


A Tale of Two Collectors: The Lithic Collections of Geoffrey Taylor and David Heys (with particular reference to the county of Yorkshire)

Fraser Hunter

Geoffrey Taylor and David Heys, over a 25 year period, amassed a huge amount of prehistoric material in flint, jet, stone, glass and metal, gathered mostly off the North York Moors. The present book aims to introduce the collections to the archaeological world and to give the reader a clear impression of their contents. READ MORE

Paperback: £29.00 | eBook: £16.00

Revealing Trimontium

ed. Fraser Hunter

The Roman fort of Trimontium is renowned internationally thanks to the work of James Curle (1862–1944) who led the excavations of 1905–1910. This volume brings together key sets of his correspondence which cast fresh light on the intellectual networks of the early 20th century, when professional archaeology was still in its infancy. READ MORE

Paperback: £35.00 | eBook: £16.00