Francisco Reyes Téllez

Senior Lecturer of Archaeology, Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid, Spain

Francisco Reyes Téllez is a Senior Lecturer of Archaeology at Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid, Spain. He is a Coordinator of the Research Group HASTHGAR-URJC. He has published, alone or in collaboration, fifteen books and more than one hundred articles. His books include Silos: un recorrido por su proceso constructivo (1999) and La catedral de Burgos: una vanguardia artística medieval (2001).


Soldados, Armas y Batallas en los grafitos históricos

ed. Francisco Reyes Téllez

Papers consider various sets of historical military-themed graffiti (representations of battles, armaments, infrastructure, warriors and soldiers, slogans or proclamations, etc.), all of them drawings and/or messages engraved in spaces linked to defence culture (the walls of castles, barracks, sentry boxes, prisons or bunkers, among others). READ MORE

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