Enrique García Vargas

Enrique García Vargas (PhD History, University of Seville) is Lecturer at the University of Seville. He has directed or supervised several excavations of Roman pottery workshops in South Spain and has been part or carried out research projects in Sevilla, Lisbonne and Pompeii. Currently, he co-leads the Tomares Treasure Project, on a huge coin hoard buried near Seville during the first decades of the 4th century AD.


The Ovoid Amphorae in the Central and Western Mediterranean

ed. Enrique García Vargas

Based on the proceedings of a workshop held at Seville University in 2015, this book looks at several series of amphorae created in the Late Republican Roman period, sharing a generally ovoid shape in their bodies – a group of material which, until now, has rarely been studied. READ MORE

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