Emilia Oddo

Assistant Professor of Archaeology, Tulane University (New Orleans, USA)

Emilia Oddo is Assistant Professor of Archaeology at Tulane University (New Orleans, USA). Her interests are centred on the archaeology of Crete in the Bronze Age, especially the Late Bronze Age (Neopalatial period, ca. 1700–1470 BCE). She is a specialist in ceramics analysis. Much of her research to date has focused on the ways in which pottery style is manipulated to convey the identities of different geographical areas of Crete as well as different socio-political groups.


South by Southeast: The History and Archaeology of Southeast Crete from Myrtos to Kato Zakros

ed. Emilia Oddo

Contributions investigate the settlement patterns, maritime connectivity, and material culture of the southeast of Crete in a diachronic fashion, in an attempt to define it as a region and trace its history. Papers focus primarily on the archaeology of the sites along the coastal strip spanning between the Myrtos Valley and Kato Zakros. READ MORE

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