Elle Clifford

Elle Clifford began her career lecturing in social and developmental psychology, and researching stress and women’s reproductive health. She published over a dozen academic papers on these topics. She then acquired a Master’s degree in prehistory at York University with a thesis on cave art and mythological worlds. In recent years Elle has accompanied Paul on visits to more than 50 of the most important decorated caves. They have co-authored two papers on the so-called ‘Lion Man’ figurine of the Ice Age.


Living in the Ice Age

Elle Clifford

This colourful book, aimed at younger readers, takes you on a highly illustrated journey through daily life in Ice Age Europe, and tells you the things you’d need to know to survive! Explore the types of houses, food, clothes and toys people created, and their relationship with the natural environment - would have liked to live back then? READ MORE

Paperback: £14.99 | eBook: £7.99

Everyday Life in the Ice Age

Elle Clifford

This is the first attempt to present a truly complete, balanced and realistic picture of life during the last Ice Age, while dispelling many of the myths and inaccuracies about our early ancestors. This highly illustrated and accessible book is aimed not only at students and specialists, but also and especially the interested public. READ MORE

Paperback: £24.99 | eBook: £16.00