Elena Garrido Fernández

Elena Garrido Fernández holds a degree in History and a Master’s degree in Historical and Natural Heritage from the University of Huelva. She is a student of the PhD programme in History, in the Prehistory research line at the University of Seville. Elena is a member of the Research Group ‘Territory and Power from Prehistory to the Middle Ages’ at the University of Huelva. Research grant until 2020 by the Fundación Extremeña de la Cultura in the ‘Laboratorio de Investigación en Paleontología y Evolución del Comportamiento Humano de Extremadura’ (Extremadura Research Laboratory on Palaeontology and Evolution of Human Behaviour).

Her main research activity focuses on the study of prehistoric chronologies, having specialised in the analysis of grave goods in funerary deposits in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula. Since 2013, she has been participating in the archaeo-palaeontological excavation campaigns in the ‘Cuevas de Fuentes de León Natural Monument’ (Badajoz), being co-director of the project ‘Origins: Study of the Prehistoric Occupation in the Cave Complex of the Cuevas Fuentes de León Natural Monument’.


Las manifestaciones gráficas prehistóricas en el dolmen de Soto (Trigueros, Huelva)

Elena Garrido Fernández

Engraved and painted images upon the upright stones of the Dolmen de Soto were investigated and recorded by a team of international scientists using a variety of photogrammetric methods in 2016-7. This book tells the fascinating story of the archaeological and historical context of the site and presents the stunning results the project yielded. READ MORE

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