Djillali Hadjouis

Djillali Hadjouis, a specialist in paleontology, paleoanthropology and paleopathology, was departmental archaeologist of Val-de-Marne (France) and research director at CNRPAH (Algeria). He is currently editor of the journal of orthodontists SBR (Paris) and member of the UISPP (commission Methods and Theories in Archaeology). His research focuses on the historiography and history of science.


Historiographie des préhistoriens et paléontologues d’Afrique du Nord

ed. Djillali Hadjouis

This volume traces the scientific work of some thirty prehistorians, geologists and paleontologists from the end of the 19th and 20th centuries in territories (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sahara) where prehistoric and protohistoric discoveries were numerous and fruitful. READ MORE

Paperback: £40.00 | Open Access