Desiderio Vaquerizo-Gil

Full Professor of Archaeology, University of Cordoba

ORCID 0000-0002-8604-958X

Desiderio Vaquerizo-Gil is a Full Professor of Archaeology at the University of Cordoba (Spain). Alongside his research on the Roman funerary and domestic spheres, Prof. Vaquerizo-Gil is prominent for his tireless defence of Archaeology as a historical science and as a resource for the future development of contemporary societies.


Claves para la definición de un paisaje cultural

ed. Desiderio Vaquerizo-Gil

The Guadalquivir River has been a feature of the identities of the communities settled around it throughout history. This volume aimsto reflect on contemporary threats to the sustainability of the region's complex cultural landscapes from multiple perspectives, including archaeology, the natural environment, didactics, new technologies and tourism. READ MORE

Paperback: £55.00 | Open Access

Cuando (no siempre) hablan las piedras

Desiderio Vaquerizo-Gil


Paperback: £19.00