Dawn McLaren

Associate Director of Post-Excavation / Head of Ar, AOC Archaeology Group


Dawn McLaren is Associate Director of Post-Excavation and Head of Artefact Studies at AOC Archaeology Group and has published widely on prehistoric Scotland, with a particular focus on Bronze Age and Iron Age material culture. Her specialisms include the analysis of coarse stone tools, rotary querns, and early ironworking across Britain, and her recent work includes analysis of artefacts from Clachtoll broch, Assynt, and the important assemblage of Neolithic Grooved Ware pottery from Newmills, Perth and Kinross.


Three Forts on the Tay: Excavations at Moncreiffe, Moredun and Abernethy, Perth and Kinross 2014–17

Dawn McLaren

Despite a resurgence in Scottish fort studies, few sites have been investigated, especially at the scale reported in this volume. Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust (with AOC Archaeology Group) excavated three hilltop forts on the Tay estuary to explore their enclosing works and internal buildings, uncovering an impressive assemblage of small finds. READ MORE

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