David Rodríguez González

Professor of Prehistory, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha

David Rodríguez González has been a professor in the Department of Prehistory at the University of Castilla-La Mancha since 2006, and is the coordinator of the History Degree at the aforementioned university. He is currently co-scientific director of the Archaeological Excavation Project in the Iberian oppidum of Alarcos (Ciudad Real) and also of the excavations in the paradigmatic Bronze Age site Motilla del Azuer (Daimiel Ciudad Real). He is the author of numerous books, chapters and research articles in publishers such as Síntesis or Archaeopress as well as in high-impact magazines such as Trabajos de Prehistoria, Complutum or Saguntum. In 2022 he has been visiting professor at the University of Lisbon.


La cerámica ibérica gris: ensayo de tipología

David Rodríguez González

This study intends to expose the typological and the technological characteristics of Iberian grey ware, its functionality and even its origin and symbolism for the people who made it. READ MORE

Paperback: £48.00 | eBook: £16.00

El cerro de Alarcos (Ciudad Real): Formación y desarrollo de un oppidum ibérico

David Rodríguez González

This book presents results from the archaeological research which has been carried out since 1997 in Sector III of the Alarcos site, located a few kilometres from Ciudad Real. The research has made it possible to understand the communities that, from the end of the Bronze Age to the end of the Iron Age, inhabited this town and its surrounding area. READ MORE

Paperback: £32.00 | Open Access