D. J. Ian Begg

Ian Begg studied archaeology in Greece at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens. He has not only participated in excavations in Sicily, Greece, Crete and Egypt, but also initiated a survey on the island of Karpathos. As the Bagnani Research Fellow at Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, he has worked on the Gilbert and Stewart Bagnani archives for two decades. Two more volumes are anticipated on their early lives in Europe and Egypt, where they conducted excavations at Tebtunis. Together with his Italian colleagues in Padua and Venice, he has co-authored many papers and articles on these astonishingly productive excavations in the 1930s.


Lost Worlds of Ancient and Modern Greece

D. J. Ian Begg

This book relates three years (1921-1924) in the life of Gilbert Bagnani, a young Italian archaeologist in Greece, based on his letters to his mother in Rome, at first as a non-partisan observer of, and later as an active participant in, some of the most tumultuous events in modern Greek history. READ MORE

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