Costanza Coppini

Costanza Coppini (Dr Phil. Archaeology of the Ancient Near East, 2014) is a postdoc-researcher, currently acting as scientific consultant of the World Monuments Fund and collaborating with archaeological projects in Iraq. She has held several research positions at the Institute for Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology at the Freie Universität Berlin and at the Department of Humanities and Cultural Heritage at the University of Udine.


Bridging the Gap: Disciplines, Times, and Spaces in Dialogue – Volume 3

ed. Costanza Coppini

Three volumes present the proceedings of the 6th Broadening Horizons Conference, which took place at the Freie Universität Berlin from 24–28 June, 2019. This volume - Volume 3 - contains 14 papers from Session 4 — Crossing Boundaries: Connectivity and Interaction; and Session 6 — Landscape and Geography: Human Dynamics and Perceptions. READ MORE

Paperback: £44.00 | Open Access