Catarina Tente

Associate Professor of Archaeology, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

ORCID 0000-0002-7944-1583

Catarina Tente is Associate Professor of Archaeology at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. She is a Reseacher at the Institute of Medieval Studies – School of Social Sciences and Humanities (IEM-NOVA FCSH) . Her current research focuses on early medieval communities, particularly in the Portuguese inland territories of Beira Alta. She has promoted several scientific meetings, and shared their findings in international conferences, which have been published in papers, chapters, and book form. Her research and associated activities have been developed within working protocols with municipalities from the Portuguese inland, promoting decentralized research and social returns for local communities.


The 10th Century in Western Europe

ed. Catarina Tente

11 essays from both historians and archaeologists achieve a re-reading of a the tenth century, which has been central to the interpretation of the historical development of Europe over the past decade. READ MORE

Paperback: £32.00 | Free Download | eBook Institution: £9.99

Paisajes, espacios y materialidades: Arqueología rural altomedieval en la península ibérica

ed. Catarina Tente

Rural landscapes are increasingly important when analysing the processes of change following the collapse of the Roman imperial structure. This volume presents contributions from key researchers in early medieval peasant archaeology in the north-western quadrant of the Peninsula, offering a multi-scale image of the main lines of ongoing research. READ MORE

Paperback: £48.00 | Free Download | eBook Institution: £9.99