Carmela Vaccaro

Associate Professor, Ferrara University

Carmela Vaccaro is Associate Professor in ‘Mining Georesources and Mineralogical Petrographical Applications to Environment and Cultural Heritage’ at the Department of Physics and Earth Sciences-Ferrara University. She is involved in research topics regarding the petrology/petrography of magmatic associations and research activities on applied geochemistry and applied petrography: a) archaeometric studies for characterizing the building materials and the damaging products to define the provenance of the raw materials and investigate possible restorations actions; b) projects on desertification problems in the Mediterranean area and evaluation of water quality; c) projects related to chemical-mineralogical characterization of soils and fluvial sediments; d) projects on food traceability.


Las manifestaciones gráficas prehistóricas en el dolmen de Soto (Trigueros, Huelva)

Carmela Vaccaro

Engraved and painted images upon the upright stones of the Dolmen de Soto were investigated and recorded by a team of international scientists using a variety of photogrammetric methods in 2016-7. This book tells the fascinating story of the archaeological and historical context of the site and presents the stunning results the project yielded. READ MORE

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