Cèsar Carreras

Cèsar Carreras Monfort is currently senior lecturer in the field of Classical Archaeology at the Department of Antiquity Science at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) since 2011. Before, he was lecturer in the Department of Humanities of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) since 1997. He has a PhD in Ancient History (1995) from the Universitat de Barcelona, another PhD in Archaeology (1994) from Southampton University (United Kingdom) and a Master Science in Computer applications in archaeology (1991) from Southampton University (United Kingdom). He is currently involved in excavations at the Roman towns of Iesso (Guissona) and Iulia Libica (Llívia) and the Roman Republican fortress of Puig Castellar (Biosca). He has published many books and papers on amphorae found in Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain and now the Netherlands.


Amphorae from the Kops Plateau (Nijmegen): trade and supply to the Lower-Rhineland from the Augustan period to AD 69/70

ed. Cèsar Carreras

The amphorae from Kops Plateau represent a singular example of Roman military supply in northern Europe at a very early date. Their analysis sheds light on trading routes in the Atlantic regions, and from Gaul to Germany. READ MORE

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