Angiolo Querci

Independent Researcher

Angiolo Querci is an independent researcher working mainly in the field of Aegean archaeology. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering (2004) and Archaeology (2017), and holds a PhD in Ancient Sciences and Archaeology from the University of Pisa (2021). His main research interest is the reconstruction of navigation patterns during the Bronze Age. She is part of the staff of the SELAP project, directed on the island of Kos by Salvatore Vitale. Within the same project, she is involved in reconstructing the routes that connected Kos to the surrounding areas during the Late Bronze Age.


“In fretta le navi correvano i sentieri pescosi”: Un’ipotesi di ricostruzione delle rotte di collegamento fra area egea e Mediterraneo Orientale (1700 - 1200 a.C.)

Angiolo Querci

From MM III until the end of the LH/LM period, the entire Aegean area was an integral part of a network of trade contacts that included all the major socio-political realities that lined the shores of the eastern Mediterranean basin. This book considers the vessels used and routes taken to enable this network to function. READ MORE

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