Andrei Soficaru

Senior Researcher, "Fr. I. Rainer" Institute of Antropology, Bucharest, Romania

Andrei Soficaru is a senior researcher at ‘Fr. I. Rainer’ Institute of Anthropology, Bucharest, Romania. He is PhD coordinator at the University in Alba Iulia, and his research interests centre on osteoarchaeology, paleopathology, migration and demography of ancient populations, and aDNA.


Homines, Funera, Astra 3-4: The Multiple Faces of Death and Burial

ed. Andrei Soficaru

Papers focus on two central topics regarding past funerary behaviour in Central and South-Eastern Europe: cremation, and cause and time of death. Six studies relate to prehistory, from the Neolithic to Iron Age. Three more papers focus on the Roman Age and the other four are dedicated to the Medieval period. READ MORE

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