Andreas P. Parpas

University of Cyprus

Andreas P. Parpas was born in Cyprus in 1950. He studied Engineering and Business Studies in the UK, Classical History at the University of Athens and then pursued a professional career with his own companies in Cyprus, Greece and the Middle East. During his business activities he worked and travelled extensively in all Middle Eastern countries. He has particular interests in Alexander the Great, the Hellenistic period and the presence of Hellenism in the Near East as well as in the ancient history of Cyprus. He has published two titles on Alexander the Great and three further titles: The Hellenistic Gulf, The Assyrian Empire and Cyprus, and The Naval Economy of Cyprus in Terms of the New Institutional Economics Approach. He is currently researching in collaboration with the Saudi Commission for Archaeological Research and Studies the relations between Saudi Arabia and the Greeks during the Hellenistic period. He is also working on an ongoing project with the University of Basra in Iraq on the Hellenistic presence in Southern Mesopotamia.


The Maritime Economy of Ancient Cyprus in Terms of the New Institutional Economics

Andreas P. Parpas

This study considers the maritime economy of ancient Cyprus from 1450 BC to 295 BC, combining, for the first time, three distinct disciplines, that is History, Archaeology and Economic theory. The principles of New Institutional Economics are used to trace the island’s institutions and their continuity and to reconstruct its maritime history. READ MORE

Hardback: £58.00 | Open Access