Ana Konestra

Ana Konestra graduated at the University of Udine (Italy), and obtained her PhD at the University of Zadar in 2016 with a dissertation on Italic fineware imports to the eastern Adriatic. Alongside collaborating on several scientific projects regarding pottery production, Hellenistic and Roman Dalmatia, as well as landscape archaeology, Ana co-directs survey and excavation projects on the Island of Rab, at Tar in Istria and at Danilo in central Dalmatia. Her research interests include aspects of material culture and Roman rural landscape organisation on the eastern Adriatic. She co-organised several international conferences, workshops and a summer school, co-edited several proceedings and edited Pottery Production, Landscape and Economy of Roman Dalmatia. Interdisciplinary approaches published by Archaeopress in 2018.


Roman Pottery and Glass Manufactures: Production and Trade in the Adriatic Region and Beyond

ed. Ana Konestra

32 papers consider issues of pottery production in the wider Adriatic area during Roman times, in particular relation to landscape and communication features, ceramic building materials, as well as general studies on ceramic production, pottery and glass finds. READ MORE

Paperback: £60.00 | eBook: £16.00

Pottery Production, Landscape and Economy of Roman Dalmatia

ed. Ana Konestra

This book presents interdisciplinary research carried out on the Roman sites of pottery workshops active within the coastal area of the province of Dalmatia as well as on material recovered during the excavations. READ MORE

Paperback: £30.00 | eBook: £16.00