Alessia Contino

Archaeologist, Ministry of Culture in Rome

ORCID 0000-0002-9783-7952

Alessia Contino is Archaeologist at the Ministry of Culture in Rome, Italy, specializing in Roman economy and trade and harbour and logistic areas. She has studied in Rome, Lecce and Aix-en-Provence and her main research topics are trades between Africa and Rome, amphorae production, trade logistic systems and reuse in Antiquity. She is currently involved in research projects in Rome, Ostia, Pompei and Cosa (Ansedonia).


Da Roma a Gades/De Roma a Gades

ed. Alessia Contino

This volume, dedicated to the illustrious archaeologist Simon Keay. collects the scientific results of an international workshop held in Rome (2019), which discussed the management, elimination and reuse of artisanal and commercial waste in maritime and river ports, focussing on the Roman cities of Rome and Gades (modern day Cádiz). READ MORE

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