Abdulla Al-Shorman

Professor of Bioarchaeology, Yarmouk University

Abdulla Al-Shorman is a bioarchaeologist and a civil engineer who has applied his knowledge of construction, design, and technical drawing to understand the architecture of ancient tombs and devise appropriate tomb typologies. His expertise in biological and forensic anthropology has developed his knowledge in archaeothanatology and archaeology, which bears fruit in this book. He currently a faculty member at the Department of Anthropology at Yarmouk University in Jordan.


The Necropolis of Abila of the Decapolis 2019-2021

Abdulla Al-Shorman

This is the first comprehensive synthesis of burial types, practices, and evidence for societal collapse in the growing field of bioarchaeology of Jordan, focusing on Abila of the Decapolis, the largest Graeco-Roman city in Jordan with a tremendous wealth of funerary remains. READ MORE

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