Francesca Lugli

President of the Italian Association for Ethnoarch, Italian Association for Ethnoarchaeology

ORCID 0000-0003-0707-2536

Francesca Lugli is the president of the Italian Association for Ethnoarchaeology. Currently, she is leading ethnoarchaeological investigations in Portugal, Mongolia and the Russian Federation supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation – Italy MFA and ISMEO. She has both organised and presented at national and international conferences, authored scientific papers and edited colloquium proceedings. Her research focuses on modern nomads, their campsites, their land use strategies, their intangible heritage and also on the relationships between humans and dogs in different cultural and geographical contexts.


Dogs, Past and Present

ed. Francesca Lugli

This volume gathers contributions from scholars from a variety of disciplines to provide a comprehensive assessment of the importance of dogs through history. There is a focus on the necessity of an ‘interdisciplinary perspective’ to fully understand the fundamental role that dogs have played in our past. READ MORE

Paperback: £70.00 | Open Access