Tomasz Gralak

Professor of Archeology, University of Wrocław

ORCID 0000-0002-8140-7245

Tomasz Gralak received his doctorate from the University of Wrocław in 2003 and habilitated in 2017. Since 1997, he has worked with the Rescue Excavations Team at the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Wrocław department). He has participated in rescue excavations and conducted fieldwork at many archaeological sites in southwestern Poland, resulting in several reports and articles. Since 2008, Tomasz Gralak has been employed as an assistant professor at the Institute of Archaeology of the University of Wrocław. His principal interests focus on the Bronze Age and Early Iron Age and questions of prehistoric metrology, architecture, and art. He has completed internships and scholarships in Scandinavia, Central/Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Greece, Turkey, Russia, and Vietnam. He is the author of over 90 scientific publications.


Archaeology of Body and Thought

Tomasz Gralak

This study explores what we as people can do with our bodies, what we can use them for, and how we can alter and understand them. With analysis based on artefacts found in graves, anthropomorphic images, and written sources, it considers the ways in which human groups from the Neolithic to the Migration Period have perceived and treated the body. READ MORE

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