Raquel Rubio González

Universidad del Atlántico Medio

ORCID 0000-0002-7946-1197

Raquel Rubio González is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Education of the Atlantico Medio University (UNAM). She has been awarded a postdoctoral contract Margarita Salas in the Department of History and Theory of Art (Autónoma University of Madrid) (march 2022 – october 2023). She is a member of the “African Archaeology Group” (UCM – Ref. 971713) and she is part of the working team of the Project “North African Identities in Transformation: ethnic groups of the Libyco-Berbers and Romanites through the funerary imaginary” (PID2019-107176GB-I00).


Las domus de Bulla Regia (Túnez): arquitectura y decoración musiva

Raquel Rubio González

This book is a study of the architecture and decoration of the mosaic floors of the Roman private spaces of Bulla Regia, located in the northwest of Tunisia. The book is divided into six chapters which offer a complete overview of both the city in general and the domestic architecture and mosaic decoration of each of the domus. READ MORE

Paperback: £58.00