Stephen Kay

Archaeology Manager, British School at Rome

ORCID 0000-0002-5920-3377

Stephen Kay is the Archaeology Manager at the British School at Rome, a Visiting Fellow at the University of Southampton and a Visiting Researcher at the Newcastle University. He has published widely on archaeological prospection with a principal focus on applications to Roman urbanism. He is a co-director of the Falerii Novi Project, a partner in the Rome Transformed project and has led excavations at Matrice (Molise), Segni (Lazio) and Pompeii (Campania).


Non-Intrusive Methodologies for Large Area Urban Research

ed. Stephen Kay

Papers address a major challenge in archaeology: non-intrusive research in pursuit of a deeper understanding of urban areas can be richly informative and cost-effective. Geophysical surveys, UAVs, exposed historic structures and the exhaustive examination of archival records can all play a vital role and their implementation is considered here. READ MORE

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