Gabriele Gattiglia

Professor of Archeological Method and Theory, University of Pisa

ORCID 0000-0002-4245-8939

Gabriele Gattiglia is Professor of Archeological Method and Theory at the University of Pisa. His fields of interest regard Digital Archaeology (Big Data, Open Data, Artificial Intelligence), Medieval/PostMedieval-Contemporary Archaeology and Archaeological Theory. He works at the MAPPALab, is a member of CAA Scientific Committee and president of the ArcheoFOSS Association.


Paesaggi urbani e rurali in trasformazione. Contesti e dinamiche dell’insediamento letti alla luce della fonte archeologica

ed. Gabriele Gattiglia

9 papers consider landscape transformations from a diachronic perspective. The volume addresses the landscape as a complex and dynamic entity characterised by a multiplicity of phenomena in continuous transformation produced by the interaction and mutual conditioning of natural and anthropic factors. READ MORE

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