Adnan Baysal

Associate Professor of Prehistoric Archaeology, Ankara University

ORCID 0000-0002-1119-2082

Adnan Baysal is Associate Professor of Prehistory at Ankara University, Turkey. He received his PhD from the University of Liverpool in 2010. He specializes in the Anatolian Neolithic and has worked extensively on the social and economic implications of ground stone assemblages from Çatalhöyük and other contemporary Central Anatolia sites. His edited volumes are on Networks and Social Organization (2015), Stone Tools in Anatolian Archaeology (2018), Time and History in Prehistory (2019) and Material Culture and People (2021).


Lithic Studies: Anatolia and Beyond

ed. Adnan Baysal

This volume aims to show networks of cultural interactions by focusing on the latest lithic studies from Turkey, Greece, and the Balkans, bringing to the forefront the connectedness and techno-cultural continuity of knapped and ground stone technologies. READ MORE

Paperback: £45.00 | eBook: £16.00