Jessica Ryan-Despraz

Postdoctoral Assistant, University of Geneva

ORCID 0000-0002-0794-4317

Jessica Ryan-Despraz is a postdoctoral assistant at the University of Geneva (Switzerland). She holds an MSc in prehistoric archaeology and anthropology and a PhD in prehistoric archaeology. She specializes in biological anthropology, with a focus on human biomechanics and its influences on skeletal morphology. Her research has led to extensive work on Bell Beaker skeletons in order to address questions surrounding prehistoric archery and warfare.


Practice and Prestige: An Exploration of Neolithic Warfare, Bell Beaker Archery, and Social Stratification from an Anthropological Perspective

Jessica Ryan-Despraz

Drawing on the author's recent study that assessed the bone morphology of skeletons in Bell Beaker burials for signs of specialised archery activity, this book contextualises the osteological findings and explores the evidence for warfare and archery throughout the Neolithic period in general and the Bell Beaker period in particular. READ MORE

Paperback: £34.00 | Open Access