Giuseppe Mandalà

Associate professor of the History of Islamic Coun, Università degli studi di Milano ‘La Statale’

ORCID 0000-0001-8596-1422

Giuseppe Mandalà is Associate Professor of the History of Islamic Countries at the Università degli studi di Milano ‘La Statale’, where he teaches the cultural history of the Mediterranean. He specializes in intellectual history and the cultural transmission of texts, as well as the study of their processes of production, diffusion, and reception. He has published extensively on medieval transcultural topics, particularly focusing on Sicily and the Mediterranean.


Suburbia and Rural Landscapes in Medieval Sicily

ed. Giuseppe Mandalà

Presents the results of the main ongoing archaeological and historical research focusing on medieval suburbia and rural sites in Sicily. The volume is divided into thematic areas: Urbanscapes, suburbia, hinterlands; Inland and mountainous landscapes; Changes in rural settlement patterns; and Defence and control of the territory. READ MORE

Paperback: £50.00 | Open Access