Jessie Buettel

Research Fellow of Conservation Biology, University of Tasmania

ORCID 0000-0001-6737-7468

Jessie Buettel (School of Natural Sciences, University of Tasmania, Australia) researches ecological and anthropogenic change in plant and animal communities to provide insights into complex ecosystems. Through ecological modelling and the analysis of spatio-temporal patterns, she provides insights of into issues of conversation, biodiversity and forestry management.


Fires in GunaiKurnai Country

ed. Jessie Buettel

Anthropogenic climate change is becoming a reality, and in Australia this means longer , more intense wildfire seasons over a wider area. The GunaiKurnai people saw much of their Country decimated during ‘Black Summer’ (2019/2020), prompting questions about both the management of Country and its heritage resources moving forward. READ MORE

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