Lluís Pons Pujol

Professor of Ancient History, University of Barcelona

ORCID 0000--000-2-53-96-8352

Lluís Pons Pujol is Professor of Ancient History at the University of Barcelona. The main subject of his research focuses on the province of Mauritania Tingitana in a broad sense (economics, factual history, Roman administration, historiography). Another of his research lines is the study of the historiography of Roman Africa. Recently he has also dealt with Roman gardens and the concept of luxury in Rome. Reference publication: Pons Pujol, Ll. 2009. La economía de la Mauretania Tingitana (s. I-III d. C.): aceite, vino y salazones (Instrumenta 34). Barcelona: Publicacions de la Universitat de Barcelona. He has been a member of CEIPAC since 1993 and UBICS since 2017.


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